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  • What makes Idaho Potatoes so good?
    Idaho grown potatoes have a high solids content, so there’s more potato and less water. The high quantity of starch grains cook to a light, fluffy texture and full, firm appearance when properly prepared.
  • What is the healthiest way of cooking potatoes?
    Probably baked with a squeeze of lemon, some salt and pepper. Topping the baked potato with salsa is also a good solution.
  • How do I get the most nutrition out of Idaho Potatoes?
    To preserve the Idaho Potato’s abundant nutrients, cook with the skins on whenever possible. And steam, rather than boil potatoes.Save the cooking water after steaming potatoes, as some of the potatoes’ nutrients will have leaked into it. Use it to make gravies or bread, or to moisten mashed potatoes.
  • Do Idaho potatoes contain gluten?
    No, Idaho potatoes are gluten free and often used as a substitute for people with these types of allergies.

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* Disclaimer: The content above is from – the official home of the Idaho Potato