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Welcome to Mart Produce

Mart Produce was established in 1980 by a group of local farms. Eventually, two farm families took over ownership; Hansen Farms and Circle D Farms. For more than 30 years, they supplied a large portion of the potatoes ran through the shed. The remainder of supplies was bought on the open market after extensive sampling to assure the best quality available for our customers.

As ownership continued to focus on the future and evaluate their options, the need for change was evident. After much planning, it was decided that a new plant would be built at its current location. Ownership was excited about the opportunity to automate processes and determined to “do it right.” They focused on using the most modern technology available and carefully planned how to gain efficiencies.

As plans moved forward and the vision was realized, it was decided to add two other partners who had been a key suppliers for many years; Jentzsch-Kearl Farms and Grant 4-D Farms. Both had proven their ability to grow quality Idaho potatoes and brought extensive intellectual capital to the business.

We continue to partner with outside growers and value their role in our model as we strive for excellence. We operate 12 months out of the year in order to provide a regular supply of potatoes for our customers. Our goal is to provide a consistent supply of good quality potatoes at a fair market price.

Mart Produce has 3 large potato cellars on site for storage so that potatoes are always available no matter what the weather. Our location in south central Idaho is perfect for those picking up apples or onions out of the northwest and needing to finish with potatoes in Idaho. We are located just 5 miles off of Interstate 84. We also have a rail sighting for easy loading of rail cars.